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Yellow Class 2022 - 2023

Focus Author

This half term we are reading books by Giles Andreae.

The Great Fire of London

This half term we are leaning about the 'Great Fire of London'.

Class garden

We planted some wild flower seeds in our class garden. We are hoping to attract lots of minibeasts, like bees and butterflies.


We used our colour mixing skills to paint a self portrait in either the style of Picasso or Hans Holbien. We created some great pieces of art work.

Special visitor

To support our History learning about Florence Nightingale, we had a visit from Rachel Reeve, who is a sister at the General Hospital in Southampton. She told us all about the history of the General and how nursing has changed. Rachel also told us all about the job of a nurse. We then had the chance to role play the job of a nurse or doctor.


We used lots of different information books to research the life of Florence Nightingale. We learnt a lot and used the information to plan our reports.


We have been learning how to colour mix with paint. We were learning how to really careful with the amount of paint we used, this helped us make lots of different hues.

Coronation Day

We made some lovely crowns to celebrate the King's coronation. We all wore red, white and blue to school.


We had our second Samba session with HMS.


We looked at some portraits painted by Hans Holbein. We then used pastels to create self portraits in his style of work.

Science Walk

We went on our Science Walk to look for signs of spring. We saw lots of exciting things, like tulips, blossom and lots of minibeasts.


We have started our Samba music lessons with Hampshire Music Service. We learnt about all the Samba instruments.


We looked at some portraits painted by Picasso. We then drew our own self portrait in the style of Picasso. We used some very bright colours.


This week we were writing questions to ask Florence Nightingale when she visited our class. We did not like the sound of the old hospitals.


We have been learning about 'habitats'. We looked the plants, animals and conditions in two different habitats in our school grounds. We looked in the 'Wild Area' which was cold, dark and damp with lots of trees and the 'Field' which was bright and sunny with flowers and grass.


We finished our 'Dragons' music by performing the pieces of music we had written about the dragons we designed. We made sure our music had some 'forte' parts and some 'piano' parts. We have been learning about the dimension 'dynamics'.


We have been using pencil to draw self-portraits. Can you guess who each of these drawings is of?

Focus Author

This half term we are reading books by Caryl Hart. Her books are great fun and lots of them rhyme.

Summer 1

This half term we are learning about the life of Florence Nightingale.


We are learning about plant lifecycles. This week we learnt about the lifecycle of a poppy.

Mystery object

A mystery object arrived in our classroom. We thought it might be a fishing net, a butterfly catcher or a den. We found out it was a mosquito net! We looked at maps and photographs of Kabaya, a village in Rwanda.


We looked at some art by Andy Warhol. We then all had a go at using print blocks to make a print.

Focus author

We are going to read books by Kristina Stephenson.

Spring 2

This half term we are 'Off to Rwanda'.

We are going to be looking at art work by Andy Warhol.


We have been learning how to programme the BeeBots. We made maps and wrote algorithms to move BeeBot to different places.


This half term we have been looking at buildings designed by Gaudi. We created observational drawings of buildings and then designed our own Gaudi style building. We then worked in clay to make an imprint of our design.

​​​​​​Hindu Temple

We had a great time at the Hindu Temple in Southampton. We enjoyed looking at all the statues and the Divali decorations. We also got to watch and join in with an act of worship.


We have been learning how to read maps to find the human and physical features of Holbury.

We learnt to read compasses so we could describe where different features were using compass directions.


We designed and made cookies for Father Christmas. We explored different biscuits and flavours.​​​​​​


We have taken inspiration from art work by Matisse to create our own animal collages. We used felt to cut out our animal shapes.

Special visitors!

Mrs Munns brought her guinea pigs Chewie and Mooncake into school. We were learning how to care for them so we could write reports.

Inter-Faith Week

We have been learning about the Buddhist traditions. We learnt about the story of Buddha and how he found 'enlightenment'. We also find out about the Buddhist festival of Wesak.


Look at our great observational drawings. We have been learning how to draw shape and texture using different pencils.


In D.T. we made fruit or vegetable salads. They tasted delicious.


We found a suitcase with some mystery objects. They were from a seaside holiday in the past.

Tuned Percussion

We are really enjoying our tuned percussion lessons with Hampshire Music Service.

Andy Goldsworthy

We have started to make our own pieces of art work. They look really good.

Andy Goldsworthy

We have been looking at the art work by Andy Goldsworthy. We created a class collage using natural resources. We are really proud of how good our art work looks.

Focus Author

This half term we are reading books by Mini Grey. Her stories are really good.

We love reading!

We took part in the Hampshire Library Service Summer Reading Challenge. We read lots of great books.