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Blue Class 2021-2022

Interfaith Week


Blue Class have been learning about Judaism this week as part of Interfaith Week.


We learned new vocabulary linked to the Jewish faith including learning about the Torah and Yad, Synagogue as a place of worship and the festival of Hannukah. 

The children had a look at artefacts on the curiosity table and they learned about the importance of the Menorah candle stick and the Star of David as a symbol.

Autumn 2 Week 1

Autumn 2 - Journeys


We started the week with a visit from Praizin' Hands Puppet Show, where the children learned about friendship and being kind. The children loved how interactive the show was and all enjoyed the characters and the singing and music.


They have also been planting bulbs and flowers to make our outdoor area look beautiful now and in Spring time when the daffodils start to appear. 


Blue Class started their new topic of Journeys by learning the story of The Gingerbread Man, they have had ginger scented playdough to explore, counting games and maths activities involving 2D shapes as well as taking part in a Science investigation.


We paused the Gingerbread Man story at the part where he reaches the river and the children each made a prediction of what would happen if he had to swim across and hadn't met the pesky fox! The children then tested their predictions by dunking gingerbread biscuits into water to see what happened...! This was lots of fun.


For Welly Walk Wednesday Blue Class had to collect natural resources to make their name or the first letter of their name on the school field...they tried really hard by using sticks, feathers, stones and pine cones. 

Well done Blue Class!



Start of the School Year Information ~ Year R Blue Class

This week the children have been in school full time and we have been busy bees!


The children were amazing at learning the story of The Little Red Hen, they learnt the whole story with actions and we made a story map to help us.

Blue Class performed their story in our Harvest Festival collective worship on Tuesday...they were incredible!

On Wednesday we learned about how bread is made and the ingredients we would need to make it. The children then each made a small bread roll, kneading their dough and Vicky the cook baked it in her oven for us. The children were so excited to take their bread home to taste!

We're Going on a Leaf Hunt!

The children really enjoyed using their checklist on a clipbaord to go hunting for different leaves from different trees around the school grounds this week in Welly Walk Wednesday!

The worked in pairs to identify and collect leaves of different colours and shapes. They also looked for other signs of Autumn.

What a SUPER second week we have had...!!!


Blue Class have started phonics this week; playing some listening games and beginning to learn phase 2 sounds...starting with s, a , t and p.


The children thought of words that begin with these sounds...we had some great ideas that we shared on our phonics working wall. The children carried on thinking of words in their play and we added to them throughout each day.



We also went on our first Welly Walk! The children were fantastic at following instructions and a simple map to navigate around the school grounds. The children did some litter picking on the school field and bug hunting in the woodland area.

Welcome to Blue Class!


The children have had a wonderful week settling into Blue Class, they have been playing and learning beautifully with one another and getting to know new adults, children and routines.


We have been learning about the school rules and the children have been working hard to get on to the class Superstar!


The children have explored the classroom, outdoor area and the role play courtyard too. We started the week with a tour of the school grounds and had fun on the play trail.


The children have been taking turns, learning how to do 'super sitting' and listening to instructions.

Well Done Blue Class...what a fantastic first week!