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What Church of England Status Means to your Child

Our school continues to serve the local community, and all people of whatever faith or none. However being a Church of England school means that:


  • The ethos of the school is explicitly Christian, with an underlying belief that Christianity is true (though not to the exclusion of genuine questioning and debate), and with a positive effect on the way people treat each other.
  • Although religious education still follows the Hampshire syllabus, it  is developed in ways that strengthen the Christian and church content, without detriment to teaching about other faiths.
  • Collective worship has a Christian emphasis. Local clergy lead some worship.
  • The governing body include some governors appointed to represent the Church of England parish of Fawley.
  • As well as Ofsted inspecting the school, there is also a Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) inspection which inspects the schools Christian character and ethos. Manor was graded 'Excellent' on the last inspection - 24.10.19.
  • The school benefits from advisory support and training opportunities provided by the Diocese as well as the County.

The Christian ethos of the school supports the loving and caring atmosphere that already exists at our school. Children receive a grounding in the Christian faith that better equips them to make their own faith decisions when they are ready. 


Christian Values


Our core values are given their Christian distinctiveness by being grounded in Christian stories, in the life and teachings of Jesus. They are the centre of: our school Christian ethos; curriculum and wider provision; policies and planning; day to day interactions and decisions.