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School Improvement Priorities

School Improvement Priorities 

Rationale: In order to further improve the education provided by our school we will be focusing on improving the following areas:


Quality of Education:

  1. To improve writing outcomes across the school.

  2. To further improve reading comprehension outcomes across the school.

  3. To provide reading, writing and Maths interventions to close any gaps in learning.

  4. To ensure the precise knowledge the children need to learn in Art, DT, History and Geography is embedded in planning from Year R to Year 2.


Behaviour and Attitudes:


  1. To continue to focus on maintaining high standards of behaviour with children behaving with consistently high levels of respect for others.

  2. To further engage in social action and to be courageous advocates for change locally, nationally and globally.

  3. To further increase attendance to 96+% for all groups.


Personal Development:

  1. To further develop the Christian character of the school.

  2. To develop children’s ability to hold balanced and well-informed conversations about religion and belief.


Leadership and Management:

  1. To ensure safeguarding is effective.

  2. For Art, DT, History and Geography subject leaders to embed the planned refinements to the curriculum, ensuring a clear progression from Year R to Year 2.

  3. To ensure additional funding provides good outcomes for pupils: Pupil Premium, SEN, Sports, School Led Tutoring.

  4. For Foundation Governors to focus on their strategic role, thereby ensuring the School Improvement priorities (SIP) constantly challenge and enable Manor to further improve as a Church school.


Early Years:  

  1. To raise attainment in Maths in the EYFS.

  2. To further develop Understanding the World by adapting planning, provision and the timetable in order to increase the number of children achieving expected in the ELG.