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More Able

More Able Curriculum Intent

We aim to:

  • develop a recognition and awareness of the more able children and their individual strengths;
  • identify and develop the specific skills and talents of each individual child;
  • recognise each child as an individual and be concerned for the whole child, both socially, as well as intellectually;
  • recognise that these children may have emotional and/or social problems, or may present themselves as underachievers or children with learning difficulties;
  • make provision for more able, gifted & talented children, taking into account the practical restraints of staffing, time and resources;
  • work largely within the classroom environment;
  • record and review progress regularly.


Opportunities for effective learning and teaching for the more able, gifted & talented child can take place through:

  • an enriched and relevant curriculum;
  • a stimulating environment within and surrounding the school;
  • planned involvement with parents;
  • helping children to formulate questions;
  • working both co-operatively and independently;
  • encouraging children to develop thinking skills;
  • experiencing success to gain self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • encouraging children to take risks and experience setbacks;
  • the use of  teaching assistants  in group work;
  • discussions between teachers and children communicating high expectations and standards;
  • use of technology where appropriate;
  • open communication and consultation with children, parents, class teachers, subject leaders and other relevant agencies, to ensure that able pupils have access to all available  opportunities;
  • enrichment tasks (tasks which broaden the children’s understanding);
  • extension  tasks (work that increases the depth of study in a specific area);
  • differentiated activities (through the tasks set as well as through the outcomes);
  • using a child as an ’expert’ in a particular subject within a class;
  • competitions and ‘challenges’ which take place at other schools.

Masterclass Workshops


In addition to curriculum enhancements at Manor, more able children are given opportunities to attend 'Masterclass' sessions with other more able children across the waterside at Testwood Secondary School. These have included:

- Music workshops - singing - learning harmonies;

- Science CSI workshops - solving mysteries through a variety of scientific experiments;

- Maths workshops - training to be a spy by cracking codes and solving secret messages;

- Art workshops - learning observational drawing techniques by creating mono prints and some chemigrams;

- PE workshops - taking part in a variety of sporting challenges as well as dance rock challenges.



By the time the more able children leave Manor at the end of Year 2 they will:

  • have had a range of opportunities to further develop their area(s) of ability;
  • be self-directed and independent learners;
  • ask questions to further their knowledge and understanding;
  • take risks and know how to deal with set backs;
  • use their critical thinking and creative skills and knowledge to extend their own learning and achievement.