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Planet Protectors

Reducing Plastic

We thought about small changes we could make to make a big difference!


The Planet Protectors discussed whiteboard pens and thought about alternatives. We learnt about whiteboard pencils which would be better for the environment. We wrote letters to Mrs Hale and created a poster to share our ideas.

Look After Our Environment!

Making Posters

We made posters to share our knowledge of how to care for the world.

Environmental Week

The Planet Protectors planned and created a poster for our school Environmental Week. All the children learnt about looking after the world. We went on a whole school trip to Minstead Study Centre and found out about different habitats, how to recycle and about sustainability. We went on litter picks around Holbury to tidy up our local area. We had a visit from a Litter Ambassador and learnt about rubbish in our world.

Tidying Our School Grounds

Some litter blew into our school grounds over the Easter holidays! We went on a litter pick to tidy it up.

Our Environment

We thought about our local environment. The Planet Protectors were keen to explore the school grounds and ensure it was litter free.

Litter Pick

We went on a walk around our school grounds and picked up litter.

Green Pledge Tree

We painted our Green Pledge tree and created posters.

Green Pledge

We have been preparing to launch our Green Pledge campaign. We made leaves for our Green Pledge tree.

Looking After Our Environment

We have been on a litter pick around our school grounds.

Saving Energy

We have been making sure lights are turned off when no one is in the room.

Planet Protectors 2023-2024

Year 1 and 2 Planet Protectors.

Our School Murals