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Global Neighbours

Manor achieves Global Neighbours Bronze Award – June 2019




From litter picks and growing bee friendly plants, to donating food for local people, we have been working really hard this year to act as good global citizens.



We are really excited to let you know that we have achieved Bronze Award status in Christian Aid’s Global Neighbours scheme in recognition of our wide-ranging steps. We have also discovered that we are the first infant school in Hampshire to achieve this. This is a tremendous achievement which has been made possible by the way in which the children have responded to opportunities given to them within the school curriculum.


Global Neighbours across the Curriculum

As part of our commitment to ensure that all children are able to develop their critical thinking skills about the world around them and to discover the interdependence of the world around us and how we can all have an impact, making a positive difference, Manor’s curriculum ensures that all children have opportunities to think about their role as Global Neighbours across all aspects of the curriculum.

Year 2 supports Toilet Twinning

Every year the children in Yellow Class organise a Toilet Twinning Fundraiser with lots of toilet roll themed activities. It's great fun!




The money that Yellow Class raise helps some of the world’s poorest people to gain access to safe sanitation, clean water and hygiene education. Yellow Class are supporting Toilet Twinning’s vital water and sanitation work, helping to do something about the fact that 2.3 billion people don’t have somewhere safe and hygienic to go to the loo.


Yellow Class have already twinned four of our toilets with toilets in Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal and Rwanda.

Year 1 supports Compassion

In Red Class children have voted to support Compassion. Founded in 1952, Compassion is a leading Christian children's charity.

We have donated £110 so far this year.

Year R supports the RSPCA

Blue Class raise money to support the RSPCA.

The RSPCA are the oldest welfare charity around.

They were the first to introduce a law to protect animals and work hard to ensure that all animals can live free from pain and suffering.

We have donated £121 this year.



Planet Protectors


Our Planet Protectors ensure that in our school, energy is not being wasted unnecessarily. Each day, the children make sure that lights and whiteboards are not being left on when classrooms are empty. They have also been checking that each class has a recycling bin and that it is being used correctly as well as making sure that if the heating is on, windows are not being left open. They Planet Protectors have set up a recycling station in the main entrance to the school where families can recycle used batteries, old pens as well as plastic bottle lids that are sent to the company Lush.



School Council

Our very active School Council have had another very bust year supporting local charities. Throughout the year they donate food to the Waterside Foodbank and last Easter we were able to donate enough Easter Eggs for all of the families that the charity supports.


‘On behalf of Waterside Foodbank and its clients, thank you so much for the donation of Easter eggs.  It has been a real blessing to be able to give an egg to every adult and child who has come to Foodbank with a voucher for an Emergency Foodbox.’


Love In A Box

Every year we send lots of Christmas boxes to the Mustard Seed Relief Mission. We talked to the children about the impact that their gifts will have this Christmas for children in Moldova.



Courageous Advocacy

Being a good global neighbour is more than just feeling sorry for people who are suffering from misfortune - it is about making a difference to their lives. One way this can be done is through courageous advocacy.

Global Neighbours Assessment - June 2019