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Is Your Child Too Poorly For School?


It is always a worry when a child becomes unwell,. but it is not always obvious how to care for them and whether to keep them at home. You can now find handy NHS guidance in one place online that will help you identify a possible condition, so that you can decide whether to send your child to school.

On the website is a list of common childhood illnesses and conditions from conjunctivitis to lead lice, as well as symptoms such as a high temperature and a sore throat and what these might mean. There is advice about what to do and when a child should return to school after being treated. Visit the 'Should your child go to school/nursery today?' website:


What to do if you are worried about your child being unwell


Please bookmark this website so it is easy to find if your child becomes unwell.


If you are unsure about a child's wellbeing, please talk to your local pharmacist, call the NHS helpline on 111, or contact your GP.