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Trailblazers is a Hampshire scheme that·promotes a balanced approach to outdoor and environmental education.

Children love to be outside and Trailblazers gives them the opportunity to:


  • discover the environment – by taking part in activities that promote understanding of the environment and the issues involved, with an enquiry-based approach to develop thinking skills, connecting outdoor learning to the curriculum.
  • explore the environment – by taking part in fun and challenging and adventurous activities, where the challenge is to solve a problem, achieve a task or complete a journey, using new skills.
  • care for the environment – by taking part in awareness-raising projects that aim at maintaining, improving or caring for a location or environment.

Every September each class start the year with a tree which is put up in the hall. The three classes then monitor the time they spend working outside by adding a piece of fruit to their tree (this represents one hour spent outside). Blue Class collect plums. Red Class collect apples. Yellow Class collect lemons.


This year we are aiming to get 60 pieces of fruit per class-wish us luck!


This year we have had 3 Trailblazer mornings where we work across year groups. Each adult has a different activity and the children move around to different activities. Each class have also done lots of work outside such as science, English, mathematics, music, art and geography. We try to work outside as much as we can. Here are a few pictures of some of the things we have done outside this year.