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Yellow Class 2021-2022


This half term in our Hampshire Music Service lessons we are learning to play the ukulele. It takes lots of concentration.

Marwell Zoo

We had a great time on our trip to Marwell Zoo. ​​​​​​


This half term we are very lucky to have some cricket coaching from Chance to Shine with Coach Ryan.

Dibden Inclosure

As part of our learning in Geography, we went for a visit to Dibden Inclosure. We went for a walk and looked at the features of a part of the New Forest.


This half term our topic is called 'Our Forest Home'. We are going to learn about the New Forest and the Brazilian rainforest.

Focus Author

This half term we are reading books by Caryl Hart.


We had a great time on our Trailblazer afternoon. The Easter Bunny even left us a treat!


In R.E., we have been looking at 'welcoming' within the Easter story. We made freeze frames of these different parts of the story.

Easter Bonnet Parade

We made some fantastic Easter Bonnets for our parade today. Well done everybody the bonnets all looked lovely.

Praisin' Hands

We had a great time watching the Praisin' Hands Easter Show. It was really great fun.​​​​​​


We had a great time at our Listen2Me Samba concert. We were able to perform all the songs we had learnt.


In Art, we have been using weaving to create a piece of art work.


We made our stable structures. We designed and made a piece of playground equipment.


In D.T., we are learning about how to build stable structures. We explored our playtrail equipment to find out how stable it was. We found out the materials each item was made from and how they were built.

We also used art straws and card to try and make stable structures.

Red Nose Day

We had a great time celebrating Red Nose Day 2022.


We have been looking at some Victorian household artefacts. We made observational drawings of the artefacts we looked at.


We went on a Science Walk looking for seeds in our school grounds. We found lots of different seeds.


We have been using the internet to help us find information.


Some 'mystery objects' arrived in our class. We had to work out what each of the objects would be  used for in ​​​​​​a Victorian house.


In our Science lessons we are learning about plants. Today we made observational drawings of different types of seeds.

World Book Day

We had a great day dressing up as our favourite book characters. We had some great costumes.


This half term our topic is called 'Homes in the past'. We will be learning about Victorian homes and some Victorian household objects.


Focus Author

This half term we are reading books by Kristina Stephenson.

Children in Need

We had a great day celebrating Children in Need day. The biscuits tasted delicious.

Be Bright Be Seen

On Thursday 18th November we celebrated 'Be Bright Be Seen' day. We all wore our brightest clothes. We also walked to St Bernard's Church to use our 'Park and Stride' route.

Celebrating Wesak

We learnt all about how Buddhist celebrate the festival of Wesak. Wesak is a festival in May to celebrate Buddha's birthday.


We held a Wesak celebration.

Inter Faith Week

As part of Inter Faith Week we are leaning about Buddhism. We learnt the story of Buddha and how he started the Buddhist religion.

Thursday 11th November

Look at our amazing evacuee costumes we wore on Remembrance Day. We also had a special biscuit for snack time.

Remembrance Day

Look at the lovely poppies we made to commemorate Remembrance Day.

Wednesday 10th November

We used the photographs from our walk to make maps of our route. We were very good at remembering the order and the way we walked.

Tuesday 9th November

Look at our amazing colour mixing. We were able to mix carefully and create lots of different hues.

Monday 8th November

We started our Geography learning today with a walk around Holbury. We were looking carefully to see if we could spot certain items.

Do you think you can spot any of the items we had to find?

Monday 1st November

We had a puppet show from Praisin' Hands. It was all about how to be a good friend. It taught us that we needed to share, say kind words and not be bossy.

Author Focus

This half term we are reading books by Lauren Child.

Science Walk

Love in a Box

Thursday 21st October

We planted some bulbs and pansies in our class garden.

Monday 18th October

Today, we worked hard to clear out the flower beds in our class garden.

Yellow Class School Councillors

Tuned percussion with Hampshire Music Service


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Monday 11th October

In RE, we have been learning the story of 'Jonah and the Big Fish'. We acted the story out to help us remember what happens.

Thursday 7th October

In Science, we have been learning about materials. Today, we were thinking about the strength of different materials. We worked in groups to make a bridge that would hold a toy car. We managed to make one bridge that was strong enough.


Wednesday 6th October

We had a great D.T. day today. We designed, made and evaluated moving vehicles with axles.

Monday 4th October

We used pointillism to create paintings of toys. We used colour mixing to make the correct colours. 

Monday 27th September

Today we started our new D.T. unit. We were learning all about wheels and axles. We made fixed and moving axles.

Wednesday 22nd September

We had our next HMS lesson with Miss Constance. We learnt all about how to change pitch on the tuned percussion.


Tuesday 21st September

We were learning about Georges Seurat and the pictures he created. He developed a style of painting called 'pointillism'. We used different tools to learn how to paint in this style.

Thursday 16th September

Today, Verity, from St Barbe's Museum in Lymington, came into school to help us learn more about toys. She brought some old toys and some new toys. We had to be really clever history detectives to learn about the toys.

Wednesday 15th September

Today we had our first Listen2Me music listen with Miss Constance. We learnt a new song and were introduced to the instruments we will be playing.

Tuesday 14th September

Today we were looking at some old toys and comparing them to modern toys.


In Art, we were creating observational drawings of soft toys.

Monday 13th September

In History, we were looking at lots of different teddy bears. They were all different ages, some were old and some were new.

Focus Author

This half term we are reading books by Mini Grey.

Topic overview