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In Phonics we are revisiting all the taught sounds from Phase 2 and 3 of Letters and Sounds.   For more information  We are also focusing on reading and spelling the common exception, or 'tricky' words. phase 3 sounds  phase 2 sounds phase 2 tricky words phase 3 tricky words


Some games that the children enjoy playing are available on :


We are continuing to enjoy a range of pirate books and rhymes and using these to inspire our imagination when writing. We are also using this topic to inspire art and drama.  It would be lovely to see any pirate ideas that you have at home.

We are also focusing on writing letters with the correct letter formation.    (cursive)


Please continue to listen to your child read.  When the children are reading, we are concentrating on understanding what has been read.  Ask questions such as: What happened in the story?  What do you think will happen next?  Did you like the story?

Free e books are also available:

There are some colour coded books available on our website.



We are focussing mainly on:

  • Numbers up to 20, reading them, writing them with the correct number formation and ordering them.
  • Adding and taking away.
  • Finding one more and one less.
  • Making patterns.

Some online games can be found on:

Lots of opportunities practise these skills through practical real life experiences would be fantastic.


Please share home learning on Tapestry.  If you require any additional resources please email  Thank you