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Art Intent

At Manor, our Art curriculum enables children to:

  • record from first-hand experience and from imagination, and to select their own ideas to use in their work;
  • foster an enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts, and a knowledge of artists, craftspeople and designers;
  • develop creativity and imagination through a range of complex activities;
  • improve the children’s ability to control materials, tools and techniques;
  • increase their awareness of art  in different times and cultures;
  • develop increasing confidence in the use of visual and tactile elements and materials;
  • begin to evaluate their work against given criteria.


The Early Years Foundation Stage:

We encourage creative work in the Reception class, as part of the Foundation Stage Curriculum. The children’s Expressive Art and Design curriculum includes art, music, dance, role-play and imaginative play. The range of experiences encourages children to make connections between one area of learning and another, and so extends their understanding.

We provide a rich environment in which we encourage and value creativity. Children are engaged in a wide range of activities, and their responses involve the senses. We give children the opportunity to work alongside artists and other adults. The activities that the children take part in are imaginative and enjoyable.

Children explore and use a variety of media and materials through a combination of child initiated and adult directed activities. They have opportunities to learn to:

  • explore the textures, movement, feel and look of different media and materials;
  • respond to a range of media and materials, develop their understanding of them in order to manipulate and create different effects;
  • use different media and materials to express their own ideas;
  • explore colour and use for a particular purpose;
  • develop skills to use simple tools and techniques competently and appropriately;
  • select appropriate media and techniques and adapt their work where necessary.

Key Stage One

At Manor, the Art and Design curriculum units are taught each half term. Each half term the art planning will have a main focus from one of the 7 areas: painting, drawing, collage, new media, 3D sculpture, textiles or printing that need to be taught. These will reinforce other areas that may have already been taught. We encourage children to express themselves and produce high-quality pieces of work in a variety of media that they can be proud of. Manor’s Art curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and is supported by Hampshire County Council’s Art Curriculum aims and objectives, using a famous artist and their work as a stimulus. Children at Manor are given opportunities to discuss, critique, appreciate and evaluate their own work as well as that of professional artists. Individual sketchbooks are used by pupils, they can be used for experimentation, artwork, and evaluations and are used as record for photographic evidence of larger, collaborative or 3D pieces of work.




By the time the children leave Manor at the end of Year 2 they will:

  • know the work of artists both present and past;
  • be able to evaluate the work of famous artists;
  • know about artistic styles;
  • know about different artistic mediums;
  • know how to use different mediums;
  • know the effects created by different mediums;
  • be able to plan and create pieces of art work using ideas from famous artists;
  • evaluate the success of their own art work.