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Red Class 2021-2022

Week 7 (w/b 18/07/22)

We have had an exciting last week of school. Red Class performed in their Music Concert and demonstrated playing the ukulele this week. They have also been creative and made different pieces of artwork together. On Wednesday we went on our Summer Science Walk to Manor Pond. We explored signs of summer and had fun catching butterflies and observing nature.


Well done Red Class! Have a lovely summer.


Week 6 (w/b 11/07/22)

Red Class learnt about volume and capacity this week in Maths and enjoyed measuring water. In Music, we continued to play the ukulele and prepared for our music concert next week. We had fun colour mixing and painting our Lord Nelson sculptures in Art. This week we also explored our school grounds, looked for seasonal changes in Science and wrote our Rumpelstiltskin story. We all had a great time on Sports Day and at the school disco too.

Week 5 (w/b 04/07/22)

This week we have been exploring the terms flexible, rigid, waterproof and absorbent in Science. We did an investigation into flexible materials around the classroom. Red Class also had their final Solent Mind session and made a sensory bottle to take home. In D.T. this week we designed, made and evaluated a badge to commemorate Lord Nelson. We discovered different ways to attach material including stapling, sewing, taping and using glue. In Computing, we used a programme to draw and write about Lord Nelson. On Wednesday we also enjoyed a puppet show by Prazin’ Hands about transitions.

Week 4 (w/b 27/06/22)

We have been busy this week preparing for our charity event on Thursday (30th). Red Class worked as a team to make 88 salt dough chickens and decorate 114 biscuits to raise money for ‘Phoebe’s Family’ (an orphanage in Kenya). We have also been learning more about Lord Nelson in History and dividing in Maths.

Week 3 (w/b 20/06/22)

Red Class have had a fantastic week! We continued creating our stories on the laptops and began our ukulele lessons with Hampshire Music Service. On Wednesday (22nd) we went on a school trip to Buckler’s Hard to learn about ship building and seafarers. We enjoyed looking at the Agamemnon displays in the museum, learning more about Lord Nelson (as part of our History topic), going on a walk to see oak trees used for the ships and drawing some of the houses. We had lovely weather too! Red Class also had a Solent Mind session on self-esteem and wrote kind messages to each other on stars.

Week 2 (w/b 13/06/22)

Monday 13th June was ‘Bling My Scooter’ day. We loved showing our friends the scooters we decorated and riding round the playground. We celebrated Clean Air Day on Thursday and this week we cycled, walked and scooted to school. Red Class also began learning about Lord Nelson and ordered events from his life. We experimented with clay in Art and made different effects with tools. Red Class have developed their skills on the laptops and retold a story.

Week 1 (w/b 06/06/22)

Red Class have been learning about Ganesh in Hindu tradition this week and thinking about power. We painted some pictures of power. We have also been adding in Maths and using our sounds to read words in Phonics. Well done Red Class for your great effort in Phonics!

Summer 2

Our topic this half term is ‘Famous People – Lord Nelson’.

This half term (Summer 2) we are reading books by Catherine Rayner.


Phonics play is a great resource that we use in school to help revise phonics sounds.


‘Buried Treasure’, ‘Dragons Den’ and ‘Picnic on Pluto’ are free games that can help your child develop their decoding and blending skills.


Click below for the link to the website:

Week 5 (w/b 23/05/22)

Red Class have been learning about special places in RE and how different people have different places they find special. We sorted pictures and thought about how a church can be special to Christians. Red Class also completed their collages in Art and evaluated these. In cricket, we had a go at throwing different balls at a target. Red Class created their own winding mechanism model in DT in pairs. We worked together as a team.

On Friday we celebrated the Queen’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee by making crowns, having a special lunch and dressing in red, white and blue.


Have a great half term, see you on Monday 6th June.

Week 4 (w/b 16/05/22)

Red Class developed their cricket skills this week in PE. We explored missing number problems in Maths and patterns of objects and shapes. In Science we thought about what plants need to survive and set up an investigation about light. Red Class have been learning about technology in Computing and acted out how a supermarket works this week.  We began our DT learning about winding mechanisms. Red Class looked at some different winding mechanisms and then had a go at making their own. We are looking forward to making our final DT piece next week.

Week 3 (w/b 09/05/22)

We have had another exciting week at school this week. On Monday we enjoyed our cricket lesson from Chance to Shine. Red Class played a game of cricket as well as developing their throwing and catching skills. We continued learning about the New Forest as part of our topic ‘Our Forest Home’. Red Class thought about why it is important to protect the New Forest. We have also been learning about technology in Computing and what devices we have at school and at home.

On Wednesday we went on a whole school trip to Marwell Zoo. We saw penguins, giraffes, rhinos, zebras and a sloth! Red Class had a lovely day.

Week 2 (w/b 02/05/22)

Red Class have enjoyed the first week of May. We have had fun playing with our friends in the sunshine! We have been adding in Maths and recognising 2D shapes and their properties. In English we wrote the story ‘How the tortoise got his shell’. Red Class identified the different trees in our school grounds in Science and explored evergreen and deciduous trees.

On Thursday we went on a school trip to the forest as part of our topic and Geography learning – ‘Our Forest Home’. We went on a walk and created a sticky strip of the colours in the New Forest. Red Class also identified the area on a map and places we could see from the top of a hill and did some bark rubbings. It was lots of fun!

Week 1 (w/b 25/04/22)

We have had a great first week back at school. Red Class have been learning the story ‘How the tortoise got his shell’ in English. We wrote descriptions, questions and responses. In Maths we have been exploring number and measuring volume. On Thursday we had another visit from Prazin’ Hands and watched a show about the importance of telling the truth. We have set up an investigation in Science to find out how much water a plant needs.

Summer 1

Our topic this half term is ‘Our Forest Home’.

This half term (Summer 1) we are reading books by Julia Jarman.

The ABC Factor

We enjoyed taking part in the Hampshire Picture Book Award 2022. Our class favourite was also voted as the winner by year 1 pupils across the county. We have created a display about the winning book ‘The ABC Factor’ written by Katrina Charman and illustrated by Tony Neal.

Week 6 (w/b 04/04/22)

Red Class have had a busy last week of term! We enjoyed an Easter performance from Prazin’ Hands on Monday. On Tuesday we took part in the Easter bonnet parade. We have been learning about the Easter story in RE this week. We went on an Easter trail and acted out the story. Red Class have been learning about division in Maths and sharing Easter eggs. In Computing we drew and wrote about the Easter story on the laptops. We had fun finding Easter clues and creating and egg outside during Trailblazer on Wednesday. Well done Red Class. We look forward to seeing you again on Monday 25th April.


On Wednesday 6th April we took part in three different activities as part of our Trailblazer afternoon. We looked for signs of Spring, created an egg using natural resources and went on an Easter trail to crack the code.

Samba Concert

We enjoyed performing to an audience on Wednesday 6th April. Thank you to Hampshire Music Service for our Samba lessons this half term.

Easter Bonnets

On Tuesday 5th April we had our Easter bonnet parade. Great effort everyone!

Week 5 (w/b 28/03/22)

In DT this week Red Class designed, made and evaluated stable structures. They created a piece of playground equipment using art straws. Red Class also concluded our Science investigations and looked how tall our class plant has grown. We explored 3D shapes in Maths as well as solving multiplication problems. In English we wrote our own version of the story ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’. Red Class also enjoyed their Hampshire Music Service session on Samba. Our Samba concert is on Wednesday 6th April.

Week 4 (w/b 21/03/22)

We have enjoyed the sunshine this week and completed some of our learning outside. We investigated stable structures in DT and thought about what our play trail is made out of. Red Class had a go at making stable structures together using art straws. Our plants continued to grow and we explored what a plant needs to survive in Science. We have also been developing our fine motor skills by threading and using playdough. In Computing we created a poster about a Victorian artefact.

Week 3 (w/b 14/03/22)

Our seeds started to grow this week and we saw shoots push through the soil! In Science we have been recording our findings from our investigation (germination) and drawing what we can see. Red Class enjoyed exploring the Victorian artefacts and writing about them in English. We learnt about foot warmers, candlesticks, clogs, butter pats, and silver shoehorns and shoe hooks. We have been learning about the keyboard on a laptop in Computing and where the letter keys are. On Friday it was Red Nose Day, we raised money for Comic Relief and had some yummy treats at lunchtime.

Week 2 (w/b 07/03/22)

As part of our topic ‘Homes in the Past’, Red Class explored what could be found in a Victorian home this week. In English we have been learning and writing the story ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’.  We have described what porridge smells/feels like and thought about the characters in the story. Red Class used the laptops to draw a picture and type a sentence about the story. We have enjoyed our ‘Listen to Me’ music lesson and exploring Samba instruments.  We also loved trying out the new wall bars in the hall!

Week 1 (w/b 28/02/22)

We have had a fun week back at school! On Shrove Tuesday Red Class took part in pancake races in the hall. We also learnt how to weave in Art and created some colourful patterns with the paper. Red Class celebrated World Book Day on Thursday and dressed up as their favourite book character. We enjoyed sharing our books together and playing together with our friends. In Science we have thought about the parts of a plant and labelled these. We also set up an experiment to explore germination.

This half term (Spring 2) we are taking part in the Hampshire Picture Book Award and reading books by a variety of authors.

Spring 2

Our topic this half term is ‘Homes in the Past’.

Week 7 (w/b 14/02/22)

Red Class have had a lovely last week. On Tuesday we went on our Science Walk and spotted seasonal changes. We went to Manor Pond, the Wild Area, the field and our class garden. We have been writing winter poems in English and learning how to divide (share) in Maths. On Wednesday we took part in three Trailblazer activities, funky hairstyles (using natural resources to create hair), an animal habitats quiz and a story using puppets.

Week 6 (w/b 07/02/22)

This week Red Class acted out and wrote the story ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’. We also explored ‘remembering’ in our RE unit and talked about an item that helps us remember someone or something special. In Maths, we learnt about multiplication and in P.E. we performed our Scottish dance.


This week was also Children’s Mental Health Week (7-13 February 2022). The theme was Growing Together. Red Class thought about how they have grown and how they can help others to grow. We discussed our goals, thought about the skills we have learnt and created step by step comic strip on how to reach our target. On Friday we made ‘support balloons’ and thought about the people who support us. For more information visit:


Week 5 (w/b 31/01/22)

This week Red Class explored the story ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’. We thought about working as a team in PSHE and played some teamwork games. In Art, we created a window scene from the Isle of Coll using collage in the style of Jeannie Baker. Red Class also began their RE learning this week. We have been learning about the concept ‘remembering’ and thought about Hindu tradition. We also explored the festival ‘Holi’ and how Hindus remember Vishnu.

Week 4 (w/b 24/01/22)

Red Class have been learning about the Isle of Coll this week and writing reports in English. In Geography some parcels arrived in the classroom like the ones in the story ‘Katie Morag delivers the mail’. We researched the postcodes to find out about different places. In our Heartsmart (PSHE) lesson we thought about people who look after us and made ‘thank you’ cards. Red Class have also been busy making their own movies on the iPads in Computing and weighing in Maths. This week in Science we investigated which material is slippery and would be good for a slide.


Red Class have also participated in eBug lessons. In lesson 1 we learnt about microbes and made some out of playdough. In lesson 2 we took part in an experiment to see why it is important to wash our hands. In lesson 3 we thought about the importance of ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ and saw how far germs can travel.

Week 3 (w/b 17/01/22)

This week we have been continuing to learn about Katie Morag and written our own stories. We have also acted out some of the stories in the role play ‘post office’. In Maths Red Class found the missing number in addition problems. In Science we explored ‘strength’ and took part in an experiment to see which material was the strongest. 

Week 2 (w/b 10/01/22)

Red Class had an exciting start to the week as we took part in an imaginary flight to the Isle of Coll, Scotland (where Katie Morag lives). We have been writing the story ‘Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted’ in English and learning how to add on a number line in Maths. The children in Red Class designed and created their own role play (a post office) based on the book ‘Katie Morag delivers the mail’. We created a background based on this book in Computing too.


Week 1 (w/b 03/01/22)

Red Class have had a great first week back at school. We have started learning about Katie Morag and shared some of the Katie Morag books. We have written letters and parts of the stories so far. In Computing, we have been learning how to use a mouse to draw on a paint programme. In Science, Red Class explored materials around the classroom and grouped them. We have enjoyed playing with our friends again.

This half term (Spring 1) we are reading books by Rebecca Cobb.

Spring 1

Our topic this half term is ‘Katie Morag’s Magical Island’.

Week 7 (w/b 13/12/21)

We have had a lovely last week of school before the Christmas holidays. Red Class enjoyed gymnastics in PE and painting in Art. We thought about why Christmas is important to Christians in RE and learnt about sharing (division) in Maths. We also took part in lots of Christmas events, such as, the Christingle Service, the Christmas lunch, Trailblazer and the Christmas party and disco. Well done Red Class for working hard and trying your best this term. Have a great Christmas break!

See you back at school on Tuesday 4th January.

HMS Music Concert

We have been learning how to play tuned percussion this half term. Red Class have played a xylophone, metallophone, glockenspiel and chime bars. On Wednesday 15th December we performed some of the songs we have learnt to the rest of the school.

Trailblazer Autumn 2

Red Class had fun outside during Trailblazer on Wednesday 15th December. They took part in a Christmas treasure hunt around the school grounds, a Christmas artwork activity and a number hunt.

Christmas Lunch

We enjoyed our Christmas lunch on Tuesday 14th December. We had turkey and even pulled crackers!

Christingle Service

On Tuesday 14th December we had our Christingle Service. We thought about what the different elements of the Christingle represent and sang some carols.

Week 6 (w/b 06/12/21)

This week we have created algorithms for our friends to follow using the Bee-Bots. We have also learnt how to play different songs on the tuned percussion instruments during our HMS lesson. Red Class have been learning about the Christmas story in RE and produced a Lowry inspired picture in Art.

Week 5 (w/b 29/11/21)

We have enjoyed lots of different activities this week including painting, gymnastics and music. On Thursday, Red Class watched the Christmas story by Prazin’ Hands Puppet Group. We also took part in Christmas craft day and made different decorations to decorate our classroom. It was lots of fun!

Week 4 (w/b 22/11/21)

We have been exploring the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ this week. We acted out the story using puppets and wrote wanted posters for the wolf. This week Red Class also did some observational drawings of Esso as part of our topic work and programmed the Bee Bots to move around their maps.

Week 3 (w/b 15/11/21)

This week Red Class enjoyed sharing books together. We looked at maps of Holbury (past and present) in Geography and created our own map for the Bee Bot in Computing. We used different equipment in PE to develop our skills and stay active. Red Class have begun to get ready for the Nativity by learning the songs and playing instruments to the beat in music. We drew in the style of Lowry in Art too. During the week we also took part in Inter Faith Week, Be Bright Be Seen day and Children in Need.

Be Bright Be Seen

We enjoyed our ‘Be Bright Be Seen’ day on Thursday 18th November. We came to school in our bright/colourful clothes and went on a walk to St Bernard’s Church to see how long it takes to use our ‘Park and Stride’ route to school (it took 10 minutes!) We loved playing hide and seek in the dark and exploring reflective clothing.

Inter Faith Week

We learnt about Ramadan on Thursday (18th November) and thought about how Muslims fast, pray, reflect and help their community. We then looked at the festival after Ramadan called 'Eid al-Fitr' and how it is celebrated.

On Friday (19th November), Red Class tasted some food that some Muslims may eat during Eid al-Fitr. We had fun trying new foods and deciding if we liked them or not.


Red Class explored the Islamic special book and place today (17th November). We also discussed the clothes some Muslims may wear. We enjoyed looking at the books and resources about Islam. 


Today (16th November) we learnt about what some Muslims believe and how they worship. We also designed a prayer mat.


We are learning about Islam as part out our Inter Faith Week.

Week 2 (w/b 08/11/21)

What a busy week! Red Class started the week by going on a Geography Walk around Holbury as part of our ‘It’s Our Area and We’re Proud of It!’ topic. We looked for different things and marked off the human and physical features that we saw. On Thursday we dressed up as evacuees for Remembrance Day. We made poppies and took part in a special Collective Worship. This week we have also enjoyed doing multi skills in PE, learning to mix colours in Art and started to play the tuned percussion instruments in our Music lesson with Hampshire Music Service.

Remembrance Day

On Thursday 11th November we dressed as evacuees and learnt about children in the war. We had a special biscuit and made poppies.


We are really enjoying our Listen2Me Music lessons with Mrs Constance from Hampshire Music Service. This week (10/11/21) we learnt about pitch.

Geography Walk

We went on a walk around Holbury as part of our Geography learning. We looked for different signs/items on our walk.

Week 1 (w/b 01/11/21)

Red Class have had a great time back at school. The week began by watching a Prazin’ Hands show about friendship. We have been exploring number in Maths and have been learning both inside and outside the classroom. Red Class went on a walk around our school and had a go at labelling a map in Geography. We had fun programming the Bee-Bots in Computing and learning different skills in P.E.

This half term (Autumn 2) we are reading books by Kes Gray.

Autumn 2 - Topic Overview

Autumn 2

Our topic this half term is ‘It’s Our Area and We’re Proud of it’.

Week 7 (w/b 18/10/21)

We have had a busy last week of term! Red Class have been exploring forgiveness in RE and learning about the parable of ‘The Lost Son’. They took part in trailblazer activities around the school, played teamwork games, created a leaf man and went on a nature scavenger hunt. Red Class also selected ‘Playground Pals’ to help others in the playground. We ended the week with a Science Walk. The children were amazing on our first school trip and showed great listening. We visited different locations and looked for seasonal changes.


Have a great half term everyone! See you on Monday 1st November.

Week 6 (w/b 11/10/21)

Red Class have been learning about how to keep their minds and bodies healthy in PSHE (Heartsmart) this week. They even made their own Boris the robot! Red Class have also been subtracting in Maths using Numicon, the laptops and skittles outside. In Science the children explored the link between the height of a ramp and how far a car will travel.

Week 5 (w/b 04/10/21)

This week Red Class have been continuing to retell the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. In Maths, we ordered snakes from shortest to longest when learning about length. As part of Walktober, we took part in a Sponsored Walk around the school grounds. We also had fun playing together on the play trail.

D.T. - We had a great D.T. Day today (6th October) . We made our own vehicles using fixed or moving axles.

Art - We created some amazing pointillism pictures.

Week 4 (w/b 27/09/21)

Red Class have been learning about number bonds in Maths this week and have used different resources to help them. We have also been exploring fixed and moving axles ready for our DT day next week. Red Class learnt the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ in English and used actions to retell it. In Art, we created our own piece of pointillism artwork inspired by Georges Seurat.

Week 4 (w/b 27th September) Home Learning

Week 3 (w/b 20/09/21)

Red Class have had a great third week. We had lots of fun this week making our own toy inspired by 'Forky'. We also created Colin from the book 'Cottonwool Colin' by Jeanne Willis. Red Class learnt about pointillism in Art and had a go at making dots using different objects. 

Week 3 (w/b 21st September) Home Learning

Week 2 (w/b 13/09/21)

Red Class have been fantastic this week! They have been representing numbers in different ways and using Numicon in Maths. They also developed their throwing and catching skills in PE and learnt about internet safety in Computing. Red Class have continued learning about different toys in History.

Science - Seeds and bulbs

On Friday 17th September Red Class learnt about identifying seeds and bulbs. They talked about if the object would grow and what a seed or bulb needs to survive.

Visit from the St Barbe Museum

On Thursday 16th September Verity from the St Barbe Museum in Lymington came to visit. She taught us more about toys from the past and the similarities and differences to the toys we have now. We enjoyed seeing the old toys and making comparisons. 

Art - Observational Drawing

We used B, 2B and 4B art pencils to create observational drawings of toys.

History - Old Bears

On Monday 13th September Red Class looked at different teddy bears from the past. We created a timeline by ordering the bears.

Week 1 (w/b 06/09/21)

The children have had a great first week in Year 1. They have been trying hard with their reading and learning sounds in Phonics. Red Class have also been improving their fine motor skills and exploring number in Maths.

Science Walk

On Thursday 9th September Red Class went on a walk round the Wild Area. We identified different leaves to find out what trees were growing. We then sorted the leaves in different ways.