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Yellow Class 2020-2021

Weekly planning for the week beginning 23rd November 2020

Weekly planning for the week beginning 16th November 2020

We are learning about Divali in R.E.

Weekly planning for the week beginning Monday 9th November

Thursday 5th November

We made some lovely fruit and vegetable salads. They tasted delicious.

Tuesday 3rd November

Great work in D.T.. We were learning to use food preparation tools safely. We used a peeler, a grater, a knife and a juicer.

Cat, Bramble and Heron

In Literacy, we are using the text 'Cat, Bramble and Heron'. Here is a copy of the text with a story map.


Focus text

This week we are reading 'That Pesky Rat' by Lauren Child. Here is a link for a video to listen to the text:

Weekly Plan for week beginning 2nd November 2020

Focus Author

This half term we are reading books by Lauren Child.

Wednesday 21st October - Listen to me concert

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Tuesday 20th October

Great drama work in R.E. today. We were creating 'freeze frames' that told parts of the Bible story 'Jonah and the whale'.


Monday 19th October

This is the story of Jonah depicted in a stain glass window, for R.E. lesson 1.

Here is a video link for the story:

Weekly plan for the week beginning 19th October

Wednesday 14th October

In D.T. we were making glove puppets by sewing fabric together. Here are some of the puppets we made.


We also had another music lesson with Hampshire Music Service. 

Monday 12th October

We had a fantastic trip to Lepe today. We went on a geography walk to look at the features of a seaside, we found some groynes, a sluice gate and some cliffs. We also took part in a litter pick as part of our Christian Advocacy, showing how we care for the World. Using our learning in art we created a piece of art work based on Andy Goldsworthy's work. We finished the day with a seaside safari, we found lots of different sea creatures.


Focus text

This week we are reading 'Traction Man is here' by Mini Grey. Here is a link to the story read aloud:

Weekly plan for the week beginning 12th October 2020

Thursday 8th October

In Science, we were testing the strength of materials. We made bridges out of different materials. We then tested the strength of these materials by putting different objects on the bridges to see how well they held them up.

Wednesday 7th October

Today, in computing, we were using the internet to help us find information and pictures.


We were also learning how to play our tuned percussion instruments.

Monday 5th October

We have started our new D.T. unit and we are going to be designing and making glove puppets based on 'Punch and Judy' characters. We will be making them by joining pieces of fabric together by sewing. Today, we were learning how to create a neat running stitch with regular sized stitches.

Focus Text

Our focus text for this week is 'The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon' by Mini Grey. Here is a video link to hear the story:

Weekly plan for the week beginning 5th October 2020

Thursday 1st October

We had some brilliant problem solving in Maths today. We were helping Herbie to work out the bugs his Mum had put into his 'Bug Soup'. There were 16 feet in his soup, spiders have 8 feet, ants have 6 and slugs have 1 foot. Which combinations of bugs would make 16 feet altogether? 

We found 6 different ways. Well done everybody.

We have been learning about materials in Science. Today, we were investigating whether materials were stretchy or not. We then thought about whether all the stretchy materials acted the same and thought about the word 'elasticity'.


Wednesday 30th September

Today in our Hampshire Music Service  tuned percussion lesson, we learnt two new songs. One was 'It's Raining, It's Pouring' which suited today's weather.


Tuesday 29th September

Look at our finished collages inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. They look fantastic.

Monday 28th September

Wow! A mystery suitcase arrived in our classroom. Look at the things that were inside.


We think it was from a Victorian holiday to the seaside.

Focus text

This week we are reading 'Toys in Space' by Mini Grey. Here is a recording of the text:


Weekly plan for week beginning 28th September 2020

The Magic Brush

We are learning the narrative 'The Magic Brush' by Pie Corbett. Here is a copy of the story map we are using to retell the story, along with a copy of the story. You can use these to tell the story at home.

Wednesday 23rd September

We had another tuned percussion lesson today. We were learning about the musical scale on our instruments.

Tuesday 22nd September

Look at the collages we created using Andy Goldsworthy's art as inspiration. 

Monday 21st September

Great use of observational skills in history. We all enjoyed looking at the images of seaside holidays from the past. Looking at their clothes we could not decide if the weather was hot or cold!

Pictures for History

Focus Text

This week we are reading 'Three by the Sea' by Mini Grey. Here is a link to a reading of this story:

Weekly planning for the week beginning 21st September

Wednesday 16th September

We had an exciting music lesson with Mrs Ambler from Hampshire Music Service. This half term we are learning to play tuned percussion instruments. It requires lots of concentration!

Tuesday 15th September

Today we created a fantastic piece of class art work, based on the style of Andy Goldsworthy. Well done Yellow Class.

Weekly overview for the week beginning 14th September

Focus text

This week we reading 'Egg Drop' by Mini Grey. Here is the link for the video so you can listen to the story:


Weekly overview for week beginning 7th September 2020

Autumn Term 1 topic overview - The Seaside

Welcome to Yellow Class

Hello Yellow Class. I am so excited to meeting you all on Monday 7th September. Here are some pictures of our classroom, it is all ready for your return.

In September, everyone with have a space facing towards the whiteboard.
We also have a 'little' room. You will work out here with Miss Bridges.
This half term, we are reading books by Mini Grey.
We are learning all about seaside places and holidays to the seaside. Remember to email me any pictures of a trip you have made to the seaside.
This is our 'Reflection Area'. You will be able to go here when you need to, and we will use it during Collective Worship.
These are our class toilets. Our class charity is 'Toilet Twinning UK'. We have already twinned one of our toilets, and this year we need to raise money to twin another one of our toilets. Try to think of some ways we could raise money.
This is our cloakroom, you will have your own peg where you can put your coat.

Summer Challenges

Over the summer holiday, it would be fantastic if you could complete a few challenges for me.


Reading - Please try to remember to read as much as possible. You can even email pictures of you reading.


Writing - If you have a really exciting day out, try to write a sentence about the activities you were doing.


Maths - Try to count as often as you can. Go on a number hunt to see which numbers you can spot. 


Geography - Please try to visit a beach. Whilst you are at the beach see which features you can spot. See if you can email some pictures of the things you saw.


Remember to have a great summer and I will see you all in September. If you have any photos to send me my email address is

Mini Grey

In September, we are reading books by an author called Mini Grey. I have recorded a story by her called 'The Pea and the Princess'. I hope you enjoy listening to the story. Here is the video link:



Hello Year 1. Please find a short welcome video here:



I am looking forward to you all joining me in Yellow Class in September. I hope you have a great summer.




Mrs Munns



Hello from Mrs Welling

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