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Blue Class 2019-2020

Home learning for Monday 13th July

Home learning for week beginning Monday 6th July

Home learning for week beginning Monday 29th June.

Home learning for week beginning Monday 22nd June

Home learning for week beginning Monday 15th June

Maths - Magical estimation power point for Friday 12th June. 



Here are some videos to help support your child with their phase 2 and phase 3 sounds. 

Please try and revisit the sounds daily.

Home learning for week beginning Monday 8th June

Home learning for week beginning Monday 1st June

Topic Overview -Sand and Water Summer 2

Half Term (25th - 29th May)

Next week is half term so there will not be any daily work set.  Have fun and enjoy the break.

Below are some ideas if you would like to do some home learning.


Reading - Try to read to an adult as often as you can.


Writing – Can you write a letter or postcard to someone you haven't seen for a long time?


Maths – Can you count forwards and backwards to/from 30, in 10s up to 100, in 5s up to 50 and in 2s up to 20?

Some fantastic home learning from Blue Class.  Have a lovely half term everybody.


Home Learning  Friday 22nd  May


Look at the tricky  words – be, was can you read them all on sight?  Have a go at spelling these words.  Try a few times with your grown-up and then turn them over and try to have a go on your own without looking at them.  


Can you complete some of our 3D shape challenge activities?  It would be fantastic if you could have a go at making the 3D cardboard box model at home.






Thank you for cheering Boris up with all your pictures and messages.  He is very thankful that he has such good friends.  Can you draw a picture of something that makes you feel thankful.  Maybe it is someone in your family, a friend, a pet or perhaps something else.  

Extra Challenge

As an extra challenge today see if you can do something special for someone in your family, or even for everybody in your family.  That might mean a hug to cheer them , sharing your things with them, saying or doing something nice for them.  I am excited to hear the different ways that you can make your family feel even more special.

Some great home learning by Blue Class!
Home Learning Thursday 21st May


Our new tricky word today is 'so'

‘So’ rhymes with two other tricky words you have already learnt, what are they?

Can you practise writing all three tricky words?


Can you design a special t-shirt using different shapes?  Try to make your t-shirt the same on both sides. When it is exactly the same on both sides it is a symmetrical pattern.



If you would like an extra challenge, see if you can find any other symmetrical patterns around your house or garden.  I had a look outside and found that my patio doors are symmetrical because they are exactly the same on each side.



Do you remember the story about Boris the Robot, his story reminds us that everyone is special?

The story of Boris is on Tapestry.


Boris says, “It’s great to tell others how special they are.”

He is feeling a bit sad because he has been remembering how the Scrap-man told him he was rubbish. Can you draw him a picture of something to cheer him up and write some kind words to remind him that he is special and loved.


Great home learning from Blue Class



Home Learning Wednesday 20th May


Try reading some of the phase 4 words on the word trucks.


Can you remember the shapes that we have already learnt? Can you see any of these shapes around your house or garden?  Tell your grown up what shape they are and try to describe your shapes as well.

Can you make a shape using anything you want to help you?(maybe twigs, paper, lego …)  It could be a 2D shape (splat the flat) or a 3D (solid hold in your hand) shape.  Can you name your shape?

We have learnt:

2D shapes - circle, square, triangle, oblong, hexagon,

3D shapes -  cone, cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere. 

(Perhaps you can name other shapes as well.)

In my garden I found a drain cover that is a circle, a Peppa Pig ball that is a sphere, a log that is a cylinder and some bricks that are oblongs.


Have you got any clothes that are special to you?  This might be something you wore as a baby, something you wore for a special occasion, your favourite dressing up outfit or just something that you love.  Please take a picture of you with your special clothes to show us on Tapestry.  Can you write about your special clothes and tell us about them and why they are so special?

This is my christening gown, it is really special to me.  First my grandmother was christened in it, then my mummy and her brothers and sisters, next was me and my brothers and last of all my children all wore it when they were christened.

Great home learning from Blue Class

Home Learning Tuesday 19th May



We have some new high frequency words to learn to read and write: ‘went’ and ‘from’.

Remember high frequency words can be sounded out but if you can learn to read them on sight it will help you get faster at reading.

First write wen and then add a t to write went, then write rom and add a f to write from. See if you can write a sentence with one or both of the words.


Fill in the missing numbers – look carefully at the sheet, sometimes you will be counting up and sometimes you will be counting down.


Lots of people wear special clothes for their jobs, some jobs even have special uniforms. Can you think of any jobs that need special clothes. Please draw someone wearing their special work clothes. Perhaps it will be somebody in your family.


Remember to practise your reading as often as you can. When you are reading today, can you spot either of our new high frequency words in your book?

Fantastic home learning from Blue Class
Home Learning Monday 18th May


Play tricky word trucks on Phonics Play, try phase 2 and phase 3 first.  If you want a bit more of a challenge try phase 4 too.   (We have not yet learnt all phase 4 words  at school.)




Today we are going to be  either adding or taking away.  There are instructions for playing the ‘Bag game’ in your pack to help practise your skills.  


Today we are going to be thinking about the word special.

Discuss with your grown-ups what you think special means.  Can you draw, paint or collage something that is special to you? Perhaps you could write a sentence about why it is special.


Have you got a special book that you like reading?  It may be one that you read over and over again,  one you read to cheer you up or one  that reminds you of someone special. 


My special book is ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes. I have enjoyed reading my book to lots and lots of very special children.  I love it because it has a happy ending and because Bella was so kind to her brother. 

If you want to you can watch my special book


Look at how brilliant Blue Class are at home learning!


Home Learning  Friday 15th May


Look at the tricky  words – he, we, me, she can you read them all on sight?  Look at how they are spelt, they all have an ‘e’ at the end but the first sound is different.  Have a go at spelling these words.  Try a few times with your grown-up and then turn them over and try to have a go on your own without looking at them.


Today we are going to take away.  We are going to use a number-line.  Choose one of the number sentences to start with and put that number of objects onto your number-line.  Take away the correct number of objects but remember to take away from the last number, which is the biggest number.  If you want an extra challenge, try counting back as you take away.  There is a demonstration of this on Tapestry.


Can you sort out the old toys and the new toys?

What is your favourite toy?  What was your grown up’s favourite toy when they were your age?  If possible, you could also ask a grandparent what their favourite toy was.  Did you all choose the same thing?

Mr Armstrong and our grandson, Arlo, both love trucks.  Mr Armstrong's truck is the blue one, it is made of metal and is very heavy.  It has lost some of its paint and has a wonky wheel.  Arlo's truck is the white one.  It is made of plastic and is very light.  


Have a look at an information book about teddies on Tapestry.  Information books tell you facts, or real things instead of stories.  They are also called non-fiction books.  Have you got any non-fiction books at home that you enjoy reading?

Fantastic home learning
Home Learning Thursday 14th May


Today we are going to look at the tricky words ‘some’ and ‘come’.  Have a go at writing them both and see if you can notice which letter is different and which letters are the same.  Can you write a sentence with both words in it? 

‘Some’ and ‘come’ rhyme, see if you can you find any other words that rhyme with them.  



Today we are going to be taking away.  Remember when you take away the number gets smaller.  Can you count back from 10 or even 20?

Practise taking away the mini-beasts, cross them off as you take them away.


Can you follow the instructions to make your own split pin teddy?  You could colour it to look like an old teddy or a new teddy.   For an extra challenge, you could make up your own story about your teddy.

We need your help with some new school murals.
Look at all the wonderful things Blue Class have been doing at home.  Thank you to everyone who is sharing their work with us on Tapestry.

Home Learning Wednesday 13th May


Today we are going to practise reading words and then add a sound at the beginning to make them into new words.  Ask your grown-up to write down some words for you to read (pot, pin, rip, win, ran).  Sound out and read the words.  Then add a sound at the start of the word i.e. at start of pot write s and read your new word (spot).

Repeat with other words pin – add s (spin), rip – add t (trip)  win – add t (twin),  ran – add g (gran). 

Choose one of the words and put it into a sentence.  


Today you are going to use the number-line to help you to add by counting on.  Choose a number to start with (look at sheets) and then cover up that number carefully with counters, buttons, sweets, lego bricks etc.  Put the correct number of objects onto the number-line. Do not put an object on zero. Add on the number of objects on the sheet, how many do you have now? Look at the demonstration on Tapestry please.



Enjoy listening to another old bear story – ‘Little Bear Lost’ on youtube


Does anyone in your family have an old teddy bear?  They might need to send you a picture.  Can they tell you anything about their bear? Please write or type some information about the old bear, tell me teddy’s name, who he or she belongs to and how old he or she is


This teddy is called Ping.  He is about 40 years old.  He is getting a bit tatty now.  First he belonged to me and then I gave him to my son who loved him lots and lots.


Have you managed to read any stories about teddy bears at home.  Have you got a favourite?  Why do you like it?

Look at all the things that Blue Class have been learning about.

Home Learning Tuesday 12th May


Today play Rocket Rescue on Phonics Play.  If you need more practice remembering your sounds, try phase 2 or 3, if you are confident with most of phase 2 and 3 sounds then try phase 4.


Today we are going to practise adding by counting on.  Put a small number of objects into a cup.  Count them as you put them in and then write that number down and put it by the cup.  Throw a dice and add that number of objects into the cup.  How many are in the cup now?  Try it again with the same number of objects in the cup each time, but throwing the dice and adding on that amount. Can you record some of your  sums as a  a number sentence?  Please watch the demonstration on Tapestry.


Does your bear look like old bear?  What differences can you spot?  How do you tell if something is old? There are some pictures of old and new bears to help you with this.  Write a sentence telling us what you have found out.


Listen to the story 'My Old Teddy' on Tapestry.  Did you like the story?  Did you think it was a happy or sad story?  Why?

Some lovely home learning from Blue Class.

Monday 11th  May Home Learning


Phonics Monday

See if you can read more of the sounds from your sound mat today than you did last week. If you can  read them all, can you read them quicker than you did last week? 

Ask your grown-up to say some of the sounds that you know and you can write them down.  Practise writing some of the sounds that you are finding difficult to remember together.


Today we are going to be adding by trying to count on from the first number.  Remember that when we add the number gets bigger.  Have a go at adding the dinosaurs together. 


This week we are going to be thinking about old bears and new bears.  Watch the story of old bear on youtube you think of a different way that the toys could have rescued old bear?

Extra curricular challenges for week four. Week commencing 11th May

Try to have a go at some of these challenges this week.  How many can you do?  We would love to hear how you did on Tapestry.


Understanding the World

Go on a material hunt around your house, how many different materials can you find?



Hold a ball in front of you.

See if you can pass it round your hips, your legs, through your legs and around your head.

Try using a small ball and then a bigger ball, which one did you find easier to use?




Can you make a collage out of flowers?



Can you tell us a joke on Tapestry?


People and Communities

Try and find out if anybody in your family celebrated the first VE day 75 years ago. What did they do to celebrate?




Some of the amazing home learning Blue Class have been doing over the last few days.  Well done Blue Class.


Friday 8th May - VE Day

Friday 8th May is VE Day which stands for Victory in Europe Day. We have a bank holiday this year to celebrate the 75th anniversary. Here is a video explaining the background of VE Day:


It would be lovely if you had time to create some blue, red and white artwork. You could then put this up in your window to celebrate VE Day. Here is an example you could use for inspiration.

Thursday 7th May -Home Learning



Today see if you can have a go at spelling some words – try spelling these words first and then adding the last sound on  lam – p (lamp),  win-d (wind),  cam –p (camp),  bun-k (bunk).

Choose one of the words and put it into a sentence.



Can you write invitations for your family to a teddy bears’ picnic. There is an invitation template in your home learning pack.

We think it would be great if you had your picnic tomorrow as a bank holiday treat.  We would love to see some photos on Tapestry please.





Tomorrow we will have a teddy bears’ picnic,  can you try out your sharing skills before the picnic and share out cups, plates and food? How many people and teddies will you have to share between?  Remember to share fairly.  It would be great if you could show us how you get on using Tapestry.


Wonderful home learning Blue Class

Wednesday 6th May- Home Learning



Play a game of buried treasure phase 4 (set1-7) on using the user name: march20 and the password: home.



Have a go at one of the sharing problem solving challenges from the worksheet in your home learning pack.  You could ask your grown-ups to help you draw it, or you could use real objects.





Pretend that you are going to take your bear on a teddy bear picnic.  What food would you like to have at the picnic?  Please write a list of your favourite food and drink on the writing frame worksheet that you can find in your home learning pack.





Remember to keep reading as much as possible at home with your family members. It is important to also discuss the book. Now the videos are working on Tapestry, you will see I shared a book called 'This is Bear' and today there will be another story on Tapestry read by Mrs Armstrong called 'This is the Bear and the Picnic Lunch'.

Tuesday 5th May -Home Learning



Write down the word 'ten' and ask your child to sound it out and blend to read it. When they have read this word, add a 't' onto the end and if they can read the word 'tent'.

Repeat this with:

'ben'- add a 'd' to read 'bend',

'men' - add a 'd' to read 'mend',

'hum' - add a p to read 'hump',

'ben' add a 't' to read 'bent'

 'dam' - add a 'p' to read 'damp'.

Please see the video on Tapestry to help you with this activity.



Enjoy reading the 'Teddy Bear's Picnic' rhyme with your grown-ups. Have you got a favourite teddy? Please carefully draw a picture of your bear, looking carefully at it first and using the correct colours. Perhaps you could also write a sentence or two about it.





Can you find some real food? Maybe some grapes, biscuits, sweets or if not make some pretend food. (8,10, 12, 14, 16)  Get two of your teddies and give each of them a plate.  On a piece of card write how many pieces of food you have got and then share it between your teddies.  Count how many they have each – is it the same number?  Have they got half each?  Can you write the number they both have on another piece of paper. 


Wonderful home learning today Blue Class

Sports Day - Thursday 7th May

This year we have planned a 'Virtual Sports Day' for you all to enjoy at home. To find the instructions please go to the 'News and Events' section of the website and then look in the 'Sports Events' section. We hope that you enjoy the event.

Monday 4th May-Home Learning 



We are now starting Phase 4 in phonics. There will not be any new sounds but we will going over the sounds that we have already learnt.  If your child needs more time on the sounds we have learnt, that is fine.  We will start to blend sounds together to read longer words. 

During phase 4 we will also be learning more tricky words, which can’t be sounded out and more of the common high frequency words.  (The high frequency words can be sounded out, but the aim is to start to read these on sight as well as when your child gains more confidence.)

Today's activity

See which sounds your child can read from the phase 2 and 3 sound mat.  Cover up the ones they know with a counter or a button.  See if they can read more the next time or read them quicker.  It is important to read the sounds regularly. 





Have you got any stories about teddy bears at your house? Can you ask a grown up to help you to read one? Did you enjoy the story, why?

On Tapestry you will find a video of myself reading a story called 'This is bear'. 



This week we are learning how to share fairly. Please see our video on Tapestry to help you with today's challenge.

We learnt how to share fairly.  We shared our biscuits between 2  people, that meant we had half each.

Can you carefully count out some objects? You could use cars, Lego pieces, pencils (either 4,6,8,10,12) and share them out fairly with somebody in your family so that you have half each – don’t forget one for you, one for me …


See if you can share the bananas between the monkeys. You will find this worksheet in your home learning pack. 




Extra Curricular Challenges for Week 3 - Week commencing Monday 4th May 

Have a go at some of these challenges this week.  How many you can do?  We would love to see and hear about how you did on Tapestry.



How many words can you find to rhyme with the word cat?

How about dog?


Understanding the world-

Can you search for information about real bears on your computer/tablet/grown-up’s phone? Where do they live?  What do they eat?  Do they all look the same?


Health and self care

Try to tie a knot in a piece of or ribbon?  If you can do that, are you able to tie a bow?


Speaking and listening

Ask your grown up to hide one of your bears around the house or garden and then you have to follow their instructions to find it, using words like forwards, backwards, in front, in between, behind, on top, under etc.  Then hide it for your grown up and see if you can use some of those words to help them find the bear.




Amazing home learning pictures!

Friday 1st May-Home Learning



Ask someone in your family to hide your tricky word splat cards around your house or garden and go on a tricky word hunt. When you find a word remember to read it to your grown up! How quickly can you find them all?





Can you make a den for your own teddy in your house or garden? Can you make it nice and cosy and big enough for your bear to fit inside? You might like to make it big enough so you can get inside too! Can you make a flag saying your name and your bear’s name to go outside your den?



As you step around your house or garden today, count how many steps you can count up to? Now can you walk backwards and count backwards as you step? What is the highest number you can count down from?


Optional Maths challenge- There are some different doubling maths sheets in your home learning packs if you would like to do any more doubling.


Still image for this video

Expressive Arts and Design Challenge

Can you make up some music or a dance to go with the bear hunt story? You might want to make your own musical instruments out of junk modelling!

Wow, Blue Class we have had so many pictures and videos posted on Tapestry today! Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful work. We are very proud of you all. Here is a selection of some of the work we received today.

Thursday 30th April- Home Learning



Yesterday we revisited the long 'oo' sound but today we are going to revisit the short 'oo' sound.

Watch this video by Mr Thorne and Geraldine

Can you think of any words with the short 'oo' sound?

I have written some words to get you started.




Today can you get creative around your house or garden and use anything you can find to make doubles and write the number sentence to match?





With your grown up could you write another page for the Bear Hunt story? You might want to use your box you made yesterday to help you.




Communication and Language- Listen and Attention.

Can you follow instructions to make a model that someone has given you?




Still image for this video

Wednesday 29th April -Amazing home learning

Wednesday 29th April -Home Learning



Today we are going to revisit the long 'oo' sound. 

Watch this video by Mr Thorne and Geraldine

Try writing the sound in different colours using the correct letter formation. 

Can you think of any words with the long 'oo' sound? 

I have written some words down to get your started.  



In a shoe box or any other box you might have in your house can you have a go at making up your own scene for the story. You could make your own puppets to help you act out the story. 



Well done for making fantastic dominoes yesterday!

Can you write a number sentence to go with each of your domino you made yesterday?

 I have written the numbers sentences to match my dominoes. 




Physical Development-Moving and Handling

-How many star jumps can you do in a minute?

-Can you draw a line or mark out a line on the floor and count how many times you can jump over it side to side?

- Using the same line you have marked out can you balance on the line. 


Amazing home learning today Blue Class!

Tuesday 28th April- Home Learning



Our new tricky word today is 'come'.

Can you write a sentence using the word 'come'?




In your learning pack you will find pictures from 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. Can you sequence the pictures so they are in the correct order? Once you have sequenced the pictures can you write a caption or label to go with some of the pictures?






Can you find your dominos you used last week and use them to help make your own double dominos.

Ask your grown up to help you cut out some oblong shapes and draw a line down the middle.

Make your own double dominoes and perhaps if you count carefully you could even make some dominos with higher numbers.

(After you have made your dominoes make sure you keep them because we will be using them again tomorrow!)




Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Since you have been learning at home have you learnt any new skills you would like to share with us?

Some examples of this could be:

- learning to ride your bike

-getting dressed by yourself

-using a knife and fork independently

-making your own sandwich

-learning to skip or hop

-throw and catch a ball without dropping it

-counting to a higher number


Monday 27th April- Home Learning



Visit and play 'Flash Cards Speed Trial' game. You will need to click on phase 2 and 3 sounds. How quickly can you read the sounds you have been taught?





Can you go on your own bear hunt around your garden? Have fun acting out the story using your actions or the actions from the book. If you would like to video your bear hunt and share it on Tapestry we would love to see it!



Watch the ladybird PowerPoint and then see if you can do the ladybird doubling sheet which can be found in your home learning pack. Draw the same number of spots on the blank side and then count how many spots the ladybird has altogether.



Understanding the World

Today we are going to complete a 'Grow a Rainbow' experiment.

To do this experiment you will need:

- paper towel

- washable markers

- water

- 2 glasses


1. First fold the paper towel so you have 2 pieces on top of each other.




2. Draw rectangles of the rainbow colours at each end of the paper towel using washable felt tips.

TIP: You want to make sure you fill these colours in well so there is enough dye to travel up the paper towel.




3. Place 2 cups with water 3/4 full. You only want the bottom of the paper towel in so leave some space from the top of the cup.




4. Then place the paper towel into the cups, with one end in each cup.

TIP: Do not place the ends too deep in the water or the dye may dissolve into the water instead of moving up the paper towel.




5. The washable marker dye with slowly make it’s way up with the water to meet the other side in the centre of the paper towel.





Still image for this video

Friday 24th April- Home Learning



Make some phonic flashcards using the sounds we have learnt so far and get your grown up to hide them around your house. Once they are all hidden set off on a sound hunt and see how many you can find. Once you have found them can you read the sound to your grown up.





Can you draw/ paint/ collage the bear's face and make him a speech bubble. What do you think the bear might be saying to the family?





Today have fun writing your numbers in as many different ways as possible in your garden. You could write them with chalks, a water pistol, water with paint brushes, with a stick in mud or sand or you could make the numbers with sticks. However you decide to make your numbers, remember you need to start at the top.



Communication and Language - Listening and Attention

Go on a sound walk. What sounds did you hear? Were they loud or quiet sounds?


Thursday 23rd April -Home Learning



Today we are going to revisit the 'ee' sound.

You will nearly always see this sound in the middle or at the end of words.

Watch the video by Mr Thorne and Geraldine learning the 'ee' sound.

Can you write a list of words around your house and garden that contain the ee sound.





Imagine you are going on a bear hunt. What would you take with you? Can you write a list of items you would take?

You will find a template in your home learning packs.




In your pack you should find some dominoes,  play the double dominoes game with someone in your family.  Turn the dominos over so that you can’t see the number and then take it in turns to try to find the double dominos which will have the same number on each side.  See who can find the most doubles and win the game.  How many doubles did you find?



Communication and language- Listen and Attention

Can you play a board game with your family?




Summer 1 Topic Overview- We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

Wednesday 22nd April- Home Learning



In your home learning packs you will find a sheet with different pictures on it.

Can you write a caption to match the picture? Remember to use your sound mats and to chop up your words carefully when writing your caption.





In the book 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' there are lots of different scenes.

Can you paint a picture of a different scene in the book and write a caption to go with it?

Please take a picture of your paintings and share them on Tapestry.




Your challenge today is to make or draw a cookie.  

Once you have made your cookies can you decorate it?

1. First make a line down your cookie with the icing or draw a line on your picture.

2.Then place some sweets, raisins or anything tasty on one side.

3. Count how many you have and then put exactly the same number on the other side.

4. You have then doubled your number!

5. How many can you count now?


I drew my cookie on the computer!    



Physical Development - Health and Self Care

Can you make a rainbow out of different coloured fruits and vegetables.

Which fruits or vegetables did you try? Which ones did you like? Which ones did you dislike?








Fantastic home learning today Blue Class! We have loved seeing all your wonderful pictures.

Tuesday 21st April- Home Learning



Revisit the tricky word 'like'.

Can you write a sentence using the tricky word 'like'?

E.g. 'I like my dog.' 'I like my cat.' 'I like to jump.' 'I like to run.'



Watch Michael Rosen, the author of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', read the story.

Can you copy some of his actions or do you prefer your own that you made up yesterday?

Draw a picture of your favourite scene from the book in your home learning book then write a sentence explaining why it is your favourite scene.



I wonder if you have seen any butterflies yet this year?

I saw a butterfly in my garden at the weekend and it had two spots on its wings. This made me think about doubling.       

Today we are going to make our own doubling butterflies.

1.Draw a picture of a butterfly with your grown up.

2. Paint spots on one side of the butterfly.

3. Fold your butterfly in half and press firmly.

4. Now you should have doubled your spots.

5. Open up your butterfly. How many spots do you have now?


Personal, Social and Emotional Development Challenge

Can you help your grown ups at home today?

It is important to be kind to each other,  can you:

-tidy up your toys?

-help with the washing up?

-help put the washing in the washing machine?

-put the knives and forks on the table ready for tea?


These are just some ideas. What can you do at home to help your grown ups? Place your pictures on Tapestry.


Amazing home learning today Blue Class!

Monday 20th April - Home Learning



Play a game of 'Tricky Word Splat' using about 10 words each time. Splat your hands on the tricky word handprints. These can be found in your home learning pack. How many do you know? Can you splat them quicker next time?




This week we are going to learn about doubling numbers. In your home learning pack you will find a sheet called 'Easter Doubling'. Double each number by drawing your recordings on the eggs and then write the answer below.





Understanding the World

How did you celebrate Easter? We would love to know about your family customs.

Mrs Welling celebrated Easter with her children by having an Easter egg hunt in her garden.

Mrs Armstrong had a virtual Easter egg hunt with her grandchildren via Facetime.


Listen to the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' that we have read for you.

Can you make up your own actions for the story?

This half term our topic will be based on the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Still image for this video


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